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Tool: The Procedure Quiz

Do you need a procedure?

You know all those tasks you or your employees perform in your business? Well, in some cases you need to write down the steps.

This is called a procedure and The Procedure Quiz will help you decide when a task should be described in a written procedure.

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What is a procedure?

A procedure is a structured description of actions required to complete a task. Several procedures (tasks) usually form a process.

Why should I use written procedures?

Writing down your procedures will help you retain and transfer knowledge, optimize and improve tasks and reduce the risk of error. Naturally, there can be many other benefits of using procedures in your particular business.

When should I write down my procedures?

Several aspects can determine when it might be a good idea to create a written procedure. The Procedure Quiz will give you more insights
in the theoretical aspects. The Procedure Quiz will also give you an estimate for how likely it is that your task qualifies for a written procedure.

(it only takes about 3 minutes to complete The Procedure Quiz)

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