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Do you need help improving your business or simply solving and preventing problems? Or maybe you just need help with the contents of our website? Whatever you have in mind, please start a conversation with us.


We are based in Denmark, but can serve customers globally through our online courses and tools – or by visiting your business locally.

Our address is:

Blommehaven 21
4600 Køge

What do we do?

We want to help you improve your business through pragmatic and systematic use of proven methods and tools. We have taken our experience in fields such as

  • compliance monitoring and quality assurance,
  • technical writing and document control,
  • safety and risk management,
  • performance monitoring,

and boiled it down into relatively simple tools and knowledge. We apply our methods to your business and help you solve and prevent problems and get your processes and knowledge documented.

We like to cut to the chase and not bore you to death with theory (nor bill you for that). Therefore, we claim (and aim!) to have a pragmatic yet systematic approach to help you simply improve your business.

Read more about our mission and story.